quesions steer focusFocus is critical to goal achievement.  One of my mentors often says “Questions steer focus.”  So depending on what you want to focus on, the questions you ask yourself are important.

There are a lot of great questions that we can ask ourselves to shift our focus but there is one in particular that is powerful.  That question is; “How can I serve?”

“Using my gifts, talents, skills and knowledge, how can I best serve others?”

What does this look like in real life?

One man did this years ago.  He was a successful builder.  He built beautiful homes for people.  When the economy plummeted in 2009 however people stopped seeking him to build homes.

He could have gone in to a panic and asked all the wrong questions like “Why is this happening to me?”  “How am I going to make it?” etc.

Instead he asked “How can I serve?”  He really thought about this and about what people needed at that time.  The focus of people had changed from expansion to contraction.

He figured that what people needed and wanted was to grow their own food.  Food prices were on the rise and people needed a way to save.

The Rubber meets the road

So he took his building skills and started building greenhouses of all sizes for people.  With a greenhouse people could grow their own food year round.  Not only that they could save a lot of money on produce and get healthy organic food as well.

Very shortly this man found that his greenhouse building business was a great success.  His income from this business now surpassed what he made from building homes.

What this man did was he found another way to skin a cat so to speak.  When you ask good questions often different ways to serve will appear.  You can read more about being flexible in your thinking here.

No answers?  Change your focus by asking a different question

This is just one example of how asking the right questions can cause a profound shift in your life.  Asking the right questions will also help you solve problems for yourself and others.

Now- ask yourself this week “Using my gifts, skills and knowledge; how can I serve others?”