progress puzzle pieces

Progress brings a great amount of satisfaction for most people.  One thing that I have discovered is true about progress.  It does not usually happen overnight but gradually over time.

It usually is the result of daily practice.  A personal example of how progress happens is my own journey of learning to be a figure skater.

Awkward Beginnings with tiny progress

When I first started skating I could skate forwards and backwards and that was about it.  I knew of one way to turn around and stopping meant finding a barrier or wall to hold on to.

Then I started to take lessons on the basics and I started to practice those basics.  I spent a few months going in a circle trying to find my outside edge, and then my inside edges.  I watched other skaters jump and spin and spiral with admiration and I decided that I would do that in the future.

Practice = Progress

So I practiced more, I took more lessons.  I learned mohawk turns and three turns.  Then I tried to enter a spin, and failed, many times.  I could not enter one.  Everything in my body said no but I did not give up.  I practiced at the wall.  I found ways to break it down in to smaller steps.  I worked with my coach.


After a year I could spin on two feet.  Then I tried to pick up one foot.  Eventually I learned to enter a one foot spin on one foot.

I could easily write a lot more on this topic but the point is the process.  The process took time and diligence and small steps consistently.

Progress has other steps too like learning to problem solve.  Everyone will face challenges when seeking progress.

Progress is pretty simple

Why should we think other areas of life should be any different?  Is it really that complex?   It has been said everyone wants a great body but no one wants to work out or eat right.  Everyone wants to have a good retirement but no one wants to save money month after month.

Learning to skate has been an easy pattern to model after.  Listen to experts, do what they tell you to practice.  Be faithful to practicing and check back in with them.  Have a plan of progress with check points and keep going.  This is the key to progress in any endeavor.

Now- go be successful.