goal achievement

Reach Your Goals with the Right Strategies

The next time you pick up the latest popular “self help” book or read another article about reaching  your goals- make a decision before reading it.

Decide in advance that you will only take action on the strategies that resonate with you.

You know the feeling; you read something and it is so good you want to highlight it or underline it and dog ear the page.  Notice how you feel when you find that golden nugget of truth that speaks to you so personally.

Notice your physiology.  Are you more alert and engaged in what you are reading?  Are you more focused and energetic than when you first started reading?

Think of this as your body’s cues that this is something worth applying in to your life.  You have a much better chance of actually taking action on something (and reaching your goals) that just clicks with you.

How to tell if you should take action or not

If you read something that makes you say “Yeah I probably should do that” put it away until you feel that you must do it.  Understand and accept that it’s ok if that motivation never comes.  That means that strategy does not click with you and that is just fine.

People do their musts, not their shoulds most of the time when it comes to reaching their goals.  Passion and enthusiasm come from musts, not from shoulds.

Strategies and the joy factor

When you are excited about  your strategy your chance for success in reaching your goals increases greatly.  You do not need to muster motivation with a well suited strategy that is fun and brings you success.

The right strategy for you will also be highly energy efficient.  Strategies that are not suited for you will leave you exhausted.  Strategies that are well suited to you will energize you and further fuel your creativity and fulfillment.

All this leads to more progress which leads to more satisfaction with goal achievement.  Be sure to check our the related article on progress and why it brings satisfaction.

Now go take action on the strategies that bring you joy and excitement!