The Foam Roller- This $19 item will save you at least $1000 in chiropractic and massage visits this year

Introducing the mighty foam roller

Being an athlete requires time, dedication and a pain free body.  Adult athletes can benefit greatly from massage and chiropractic care.  But these visits can get expensive if done regularly as they should.  A foam roller can save you money and support your fitness goals.

The Solution and how to use it

The solution to greatly reducing these costs is to invest in the now popular foam roller.  I find it amusing that a chiropractor actually introduced me to one because it reduced my visits to him.  But how does one use it and what will it do?

It can be helpful to watch videos but it is pretty intuitive for the most part.  Just roll out the different body parts- hamstrings, calfs, hips, gluts. lower back, hips, top of the thighs, etc.  A word of caution is in order though.  You need to think of using the foam roller for the first time like getting a deep tissue massage.  It will likely hurt a little and you could experience detox symptoms the next day.

Slow and steady wins the race

Start slowly with just rolling out your hamstrings and maybe your calfs.  The next day repeat this but maybe add rolling out your hip flexors.  Don’t add a new body part to roll out until you have no pain with your current plan.

When you are pain free with those few places, add one more like the tops of your thighs or lower back.  Take extreme care when rolling out the back and stop if you feel any tweaky sensation or pain.  Listen to and respect your body while rolling out.

How it works

The way the foam roller works is it releases toxins from your muscle fascia.  It is important to drink extra water to flush the toxins out of your system.  If you do not, the toxins will stay inside your body.  Then you could experience fatigue or other detox symptoms.

Regular use of the foam roller will save you quite a bit of money on chiro and massage.  This is just the financial benefit.  The physical benefits are many.  Increased flexibility and decreased muscle soreness/ pain are just two of the benefits.  I like to think of it that it wakes up your entire body and removes all stiffness.  This is because foam rolling greatly increases blood flow to the muscles.  More blood flow to the muscles also means more blood flow to the brain.

Foam rolling might just make you smarter then.  All the more reason to add this to your fitness routine.

Happy foam rolling!